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Commercial property is usually a local market but on occasions it merits national coverage

The aim of the Registers is to offer a simple and effective means of marketing your property. We offer the advertiser a cost effective means of targeting local occupiers and major national companies who may be seeking to relocate or set up subsidiaries in each region covered.

The Facts

Minimum cost - Maximum impact - for as little as £49 you can market your property effectively.
Targeting the people you want to reach - the occupiers- each published Register is sent to the Times top 1,000 companies, the top 1,200 distribution/warehousing companies in the UK and approximately 10,000 local occupiers (varying by area) and agents. Every copy is addressed to the individual responsible for the company’s property needs.
Essential easy to use guide to available property - with its easy to use format a reader can find a property by means of location and size quickly and without fuss. Around 4,000 properties are listed throughout our series of Registers.
Minimum 3 months’ shelf life - providing a useful and current source of information the Registers remain active until the next issue is published.
A publication that regularly generates quality respons - the Registers produce viewings & deals from listings and display advertising.In addition to these our website, www.compropregister.com, is generating 300 occupier enquiries a month.
All property listings, including a free downloadable pdf brochure and map, also appear on the Internet: www.compropregister.com - on average our website attracts 14,000 visitors, & 47,000 page views a month.*
(Source: Smarter Stats, November 2017*).
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