London Issue 74 February 2017
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More than just one of the world’s

great financial centres, the Square

Mile is a hub of innovation.

Since the establishment of Londinium, the City has

evolved as a commercial powerhouse that has

constantly adapted to provide for new business

needs – from the establishment of Guilds and

Livery Companies, the founding of Lloyd’s

Coffee House in 1688 and the Bank of

England in 1694, through to the big bang

of 1986 – the City has been a place of

continual change but has always remained

London’s premier business district.

The City also offers a diverse range

of cultural attractions, restaurants,

night life and shopping. Some of the

world’s most iconic new buildings

nestle cheek-by-jowl with historic

monuments and open spaces,

creating surprises round every


Whether you are a global

bank or an emerging tech

business, the City offers

an unrivalled business


Contact the City Property Advisory Team today

to discuss your requirements

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