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Commercial Property Register

October - December 2018

The transformation of the Manchester City centre, which took a giant

step forward with Allied London’s Spinningfields, is progressing with

the development of St Peter’s Square.

The latest building, Landmark Manchester being built by Barings for

an institutional investor, is visible with the completion of the concrete

core for the 1t6,728 sq metres (180,000 sq ft) building which is due for

co0mpletion in summer2019.

Designed by Squire & Partners, Landmark has been constructed with an

offset core to enable large and efficient floorplates.

According to Barings, it fits into a market currently experiencing strong

demand coupled with limited supply. Landmark is only one of two new

build office developments to be completed in Manchester city centre next

year and it will complete Manchester City Council’s vision for St Peter’s

Square and the Civic Quarter.

Charles Weeks of Barings commented: “Manchester is thriving. It is

consistently one of the strongest, most active city centre office markets

outside of London. Landmark will play a pivotal role in what the city has to

offer by providing businesses with a destination that is both modern and





Allied London with its decade long view of

development has taken another step in the

broadening of Spinningfields with the opening

of Crown Square and the Oast House.

It has been designed by the Spanish architects

Arriola & Fiol to build a story around the historic

Oast House with the design taking inspiration from

European plazas where socialising and relaxing

outdoors forms a central part of everyday life.

A new feature of the square is a permanent

stage and outdoor bar area. David Drews of Allied

London said: “It offered a rare opportunity to use

landscape architecture to showcase the relationship

between the Oast House and Spinningfields which

is one that focuses on a careful juxtaposition of

marrying heritage-style space with the modern

clean lines of Spinningfields.”